There are a lot of things to think about when you're going to enter a cycle race. Here, we've listed some of the most common questions and our answers.

TDF Classic 2017 was held May 27th.

More info on next years "cycling for all", the Hammer Stavanger Classic to come soon!


When does registration enrolment open? Registration for the Tour des Fjords Classic has started and you can register here.

When is the Classic Race held? This year it will be held on Saturday, May 27.

Who can take part? Beyond the age limit set (see below), there are basically no restrictions on who can participate in the Classic race. But we recommend that all participants train systematically for some time before the event.

NB - the number of participants is limited to 1,000.

Is there an age limit? All riders over 17 years can take part. There is no upper age limit.

How can I pay when registering for Classic Race? Ultimate Sports Service, which runs the registration website, accepts Diners, VISA and MasterCard

Classic Race ID number - Riders with a full annual license are not required to enter the license number. All participants, however, will be asked to enter their full birth date instead of just the year of their birth. This will make it easier for Ultimate Sports Service to cross check the entry list against the license register held by the Norwegian Cycling Federation.

What is the Classic Race (Turritt) ID? The Classic Race ID (Turritt in Norwegian) is a code used for registration to most of the country's tourig races. Using the Turritt ID code will mean that several of the fields will be automtically completed when you sign up for Tour des Fjords Classic.

Find out more here: http://turritt.com/index.php?page=turrittid_finn¤t=6&su=6&id=2

NB If you have not participated in tour races previously and cannot find your Turritt ID number in the database on Turritt.com, please contact Turritt.com to receive a number. Optionally, you can register without a Turritt ID and get a registered ID number later, which then can be used for Tour des Fjords Classic 2017 or other tour races related to Turritt.com.

Why do I need a licence? To participate in such organised cycle rides in Norway, it is required that you have fixed license. It can either be a full-year's license or just a temporary license for a specific event. If you plan to participate in more rides during the cycling season, you may find that an all-year license is the way to go. It requires, however, that you are a member of a cycling club. If you are not a member of a cycling club, you must obtain a single license for each race you attend. You will have to show your license at the race headquarters when picking up your start number. If you cannot provide proof of a license, you will have to buy a single license for the event.

Username and password for Ultimate Sports Service? Forgot your username / password to change information / replacement frame of the computer system to Ultimate Sports Service? You can get a username / password resent mail to classic@tourdesfjords.no

Reimbursement and / or resale of starting numbers? Please note that registration for Tour des Fjords Classic is binding. The registration fee will not be refunded, even if the participants of various unforeseen reasons can not attend. This applies, for example, for illness. Nor do we have the capacity to handle the resale of start numbers.

What is the registration fee? Kr. 690, -, plus cost of a license Kr. 200, will be charged.

Before the race

Riders will be seeded according to their time measured against the winning time in the individual race.

On this basis, there will be a TIME% and rider's best TIME% is used in seeding.

Achieved time in the races that used in the seeding are emphasised differently:

TdF classic 2015 – 2016 (99% – 100%)
Nordsjørittet 2015 – 2016 (98 % – 99 %)
Color Line Tour 2015 – 2016 (96 % – 97 %)
Haugesund – Sauda 2015 -2016 (96 % – 97 %)
Bergen – Voss 2015 – 2016 (96 % – 97 %)
Vestecrittet Lysebotn – Bryne 2015 – 2016 (96 % – 97 %)
Jætrillen 2016 – 2017 (96 % – 97 %)
Dalane Rundt 2016 – 2017 (96 % – 97 %)

Image shows the long route

Image shows the short route


It does not help to train well for the Tour des Fjords Classic if your equipment is not in order. We recommend that you look carefully over your bike in good time before the race. New tyres should be run in (single trip or two) before the ride, to avoid surprises on the big day.


All riders should bring along an extra bag with a change of clothes, to be delivered in the starting area. This will be transported to the destination in Stavanger. The backpack must be labeled with your name and phone number.

On race day

Start location? Centre of Stavanger, at the fish market.

What times do things happen on the day?
08:00 Collect starting numbers
09:30 The event officially starts on the stage
10:00 The first group rides

Start times:
10.00 - Pulje 1 - Start number 101 - 160
10.05 - Pulje 2 - Start number 201 - 260
10.10 - Pulje 3 - Start number 301 - 360
10.15 - Pulje 4 - Start number 401 - 460
10.25 - Pulje 5 - Start number 501 - 560
10.30 - Pulje 6 - Start number 601 - 660
10.40 - Pulje 7 - Start number 701 - 775
10.45 - Pulje 8 - Start number 801 - 885

Feeding stations along the way?

On the Tour des Fjord Classic there are feeding stations, at which will be served buns, bananas, juice, water and sports drinks from Squeezy.

Food stations are at the following locations:

Short track - Sola Camping at 32.5 km

Long course - Sola Camping at 32.5 km and Coop Marked Høle at 90 km

Toilets en route? There are toilets at the start in Stavanger, the finish area of Sandnes and the food station at Sola Camping.

Equipment - what is allowed and what is reasonable?

The bike: According Turritt Regulations of the Norwegian Cycling Federation, competitors should use a standard road bike. It is not permitted to use ta pace bike or pace hangers mounted on a traditional road bike.

Clothing: It is wise not to dress too warm. You get quickly up the heat once the race is underway. If the weather is good can quickly lose a lot of fluids and minerals through sweating. Then you can quickly become dehydrated, if you fail to compensate by drinking a lot. Cycling arm and leg warmers are convenient to wear should conditions require it, and an ultra-thin windstopper jacket can always fit in your back pocket.

Should I bring food for on the way?

It is important to remember that your body is stressed during the race. Any food you bring with you should therefore be easy to digest. Your body loses a lot of salt and minerals during the tour, so you should compensate for this. Sports drinks are recommended. Sports Bars are also designed to be used during intense exercise. It is important not to test out new products on race day. Eat what you are used to from training.

How long can I use for the Tour des Fjords Classic 2017?

For security reasons, everyone must have completed the race by 16.15. Anyone who looks like they will not attain this will be removed from the race. In this way we can safeguard people's wellbeing, while providing the opportunity to watch international cycling stars in Sandnes centre shortly after the Classic race has officially finished. So don't leave Sandnes after the Classic Race - there's still plenty to see!

Be mindful of the environment

We encourage everyone to think about the environment during the event. Discard all litter carefully and properly.

Think of your fellow cyclists on the ride

If you witness an accident, it is better to stop and help than to ride past - for everybody! If you stop to help in an accident situation, this will be taken into consideration and you may qualify to get a deduction on your finish time. At the start of the event you will find the most important phone number for race day - medical emergency 113. If you see a guard near where you are, they can also be notified in case of an incident.