About the Pro Race

About the Pro Race

Tour des Fjords 2018 has 3 exciting stages, spanning the counties of Rogaland and Agder. Get ready for beauty and excitement!

Tour des Fjords is a category UCI 2.HC race which will be held in May 2018 for the sixth consecutive year.

In 2017, Tour des Fjords was arranged as a 5-day race. In 2018, Tour des Fjords will be reduced to 3 days, followed by the new Hammer Stavanger concept, which also lasts 3 days. There will be two unique races that follow each other. In total, there will be a 6 days cycling festival in southern and western Norway.

Tour des Fjords 2018 will be organized in Rogaland and the Agder counties, 22nd-24th of May. In the 2017 edition, Sogn og Fjordane county was visited for the first time when started in Balestrand and finishing in Førde. In 2018, it is southern Norway who can await the cycling festival. The race will start from Lindesnes to Grimstad at stage 1, from Risør to Kristiansand at stage 2, before the final stage starts in Farsund and ends up in Egersund. The race has previously visited Agder once, when the first stage of the very first Tour des Fjords in 2013 went from Valle in Aust-Agder to Stavanger.

Up to 22 teams will participate during Tour des Fjords 2018, and as a result of the Hammer Race being arranged just afterwards, at least five of the teams will be the World Tour teams. Both Tour des Fjords and Hammer Stavanger will have extensive TV coverage on TV2 Norway, with several hours of broadcast daily, as well as coverage in several international sports channels. With both TdF and Hammer Stavanger we face some of the biggest annual sports event in Scandinavia.

This year's Tour des Fjords will be exciting for both riders, cycling enthusiasts and spectators - don't miss it!

Stages 2018

Stage 1: Lindesnes – Grimstad (191 km)
Stage 2: Risør – Kristiansand (188 km)
Stage 3: Farsud – Egersund (183 km)

TV schedule TV2



2017: Edvald Boasson Hagen (NOR/Team Dimension Data)
2016: Alexander Kristoff (NOR/Katusha)
2015: Marco Haller (AUT/Katusha)
2014: Alexander Kristoff (NOR/Katusha)
2013: Sergey Chernetskiy (RUS/Katusha)

Countries: Norway 3, Austria 1, Russia 1