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Stage 3: Odda - Karmøy (180,2 km)

Stage 3: Odda - Karmøy (180,2 km)

Friday, May 26, 2017

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The stage in brief

With stage 3, Tour des Fjords returs to "known terrain" and roads that have been part of the race before. The third day starts in beautiful Odda in Hardanger, on the Southern end of Hardangerfjord. In Odda, Alexander Kristoff impressively won last year’s rainy second stage, taking the overall lead and defending the yellow jersey until Stavanger. The stage starts immediately with a climb and soon takes the peloton past the stunningly beautiful Låtefossen waterfall that was also featured in previous editions of Tour des Fjords. After a climb from Skare up to Vintertun and about 450 meters, the 180 kilometers long stage continues on varied and rolling terrain along Åkrafjord and past more impressive waterfalls, such as Langfossen. Through the towns of Etne, Ølen and Sandeid, the race enters the county of Rogaland and Haugaland district. The course passes through Haugesund and the commercial area Raglamyr, where two of Tour des Fjords big sponsors, Coop and Møller, have their stores, before taking on to a final loop on the island of Karmøy, which will host Tour des Fjords for the first time. The finish of the third stage is in Kopervik, where masses of euphoric spectators are expected to welcome the peloton.

Categorized climbs: Skare (Cat. 2), Fikse (Cat. 3)

Expert's view

Alexander Kristoff from Stavanger, pro cyclist at Team Katusha and two times winner of Tour des Fjords:
"I have very fond memories of this stage. I have won this kind of stage each year I participated in the race. Also this year, this looks very much like business for the sprinters."

Highlights along the stage

Another day through the stunning nature of Western Norway as Tour des Fjords makes its way from the fjords and the mountains of Hardanger to the coast of Haugaland. The start town of Odda is known for high-spirited festivals and enthusiastic fans, and is also the main center for exploring the beautiful nature of Hardanger. Odda has for a long time been an important industrial center for hydropower and chemicals, but also already since the 19th century for tourism. It is the gateway to many of Western Norway’s most iconic landmarks. Both the famous cliff of Trolltunga and the Folgefonna glacier are not far from here.

On the way to Etne and Ølen, a major maintenance center for many of the North Sea oil rigs, Tour des Fjords passes two notably beautiful waterfalls. Låtefossen, not far from Odda, is a unique experience, as the waterfall is divided into two streams that merge in the middle and then flow underneath national road 13, providing the peloton with a quite wet experience as they pass. When crossing the long tunnels along Åkrafjord, the riders will also go past Langfossen, one of the world's most impressive waterfalls. The water drops from the steep cliffs next to the road about 600 meters deep into the fjord.

Haugesund, where Tour des Fjords passes through on its approach to the finish in Kopervik on the island of Karmøy, is old Viking territory. Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway had his home here on Karmøy, and the national monument of Haraldshaugen marks the place where he is buried.

Where to watch

  • TV2 broadcasts the race live from 15:00 to 18:30
  • Start in Odda at 13:35, first passage in Kopervik at about 17:20, finish at about 18:00
  • Estimated passages (42 km/h): Skare 14:08, Kyrping 15:02, Etne 15:25, Fikse 15:34, Ølen 15:43, Vats 16:11, Aksdal 16:48, Karmsund bro 17:11, Kopervik 17:24, Vea 17:34
  • For more information on the programme, check here