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Stage 4: Stavanger - Sandnes (162,4 km)

Stage 4: Stavanger - Sandnes (162,4 km)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

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The stage in brief

Tour des Fjords has arrived in Stavanger, where the entire race was born five years ago in 2013. This means that everything is prepared for an exciting two-day finale and a big party along the roads of Jæren. As already last year, the traditional stage 4 starts in the center of Norway’s oil capital and finishes basically just a few kilometers further South in Sandnes. In between, the riders have to cover a loop of 162 kilometers, passing through Randaberg, the sprint in Tananger, Sola beach, Ølberg and the mountain sprint at Fjermestad, followed by the second sprint at Ålgård, past Kongeparken amusement park and to the short but tough climb of Seldal. After a downhill section to Høle, where a big party is waiting for the peloton, the course continues over rolling terrain via Bersagel and Hommersåk to Sandnes, today’s finish. Here, two laps on the tough ØsterHus circuit are waiting, including the up to 20% steep Bakken at Hana which also features the day’s third and last mountain sprint.

Categorized climbs: Fjermestad (Cat. 3), Seldal (Cat. 2), Bakken (Cat. 2)

Expert's view

Alexander Kristoff from Stavanger, pro cyclist at Team Katusha and two times winner of Tour des Fjords:
"This stage is very important for the overall classification. It's difficult to win the race on this stage, but it's definitely possible to lose it here. The final circuit in Sandnes with the steep Bakken is a really tough one. You can't gain a lot of time here, but you have to be observant and stay in front if you want to be a part of the smaller group that fights for the stage victory."

Highlights along the stage

Rogaland with Stavanger and Sandnes is one of the cycling heartlands in Norway. This is home soil for Team Coop, and many current Norwegian pro riders grew up and still train on these roads. The excitement for Tour des Fjords is correspondingly high. Stage 4 starts directly in the center of the old city with its famous white wooden houses and leads through the breathtaking landscapes of Jæren and Ryfylke with beautiful fjords, mountains, and long, white beaches. Stavanger is the fourth largest city in Norway and Europe’s oil and energy capital. The main source of income for the locals comes from working in the petroleum sector. In 1969 the first oil field was discovered at Ekofisk South in the North Sea, which made the Stavanger Region a key player in the Norwegian economy. Today, Stavanger is a university city and a main cultural and touristic center. From here, boats leave for the famous 42 kilometer long and 420 meters deep Lysefjord with the world famous Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Pulpit Rock is a massive cliff 604 meters above see level and overlooking the entire fjord.

Tour des Fjords will pass past the beautiful sand beaches of Jæren, which is one of the most important agricultural areas in Norway, and through Ålgård with the famous amusement park Kongeparken. Kongeparken opened in 2007 and is one of the biggest amusement parks in Norway, attracting more than 200.000 visitors each year.

The stage finish will take place in the city center of Sandnes, in the exact same spot where each June the famous Nordsjørittet ("North Sea race") ends - a race that leads 91 kilometers along the cost of Norway and was first arranged in 1998, now regularly attracting more than 10.000 participants.

Where to watch

  • TV2 broadcasts the race live from 13:30 to 18:30
  • Start in Stavanger at 14:00, first passage in Sandnes at 17:20, finish at about 18:00
  • Estimated passages (42 km/h): Randaberg 14:22, Tananger 14:51, Tjelta 15:14, Fjermestad 15:43, Kongeparken 15:58, Ålgård 16:00, Seldal 16:28, Høle 16:38, Hommersåk 17:03, Åsveien/Bakken 17:22, Sandnes Brygge 17:29
  • On this day there is also the sportive Tour des Fjords Classic. Sign up here.
  • For more information on the programme, check here