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Stage 5: Hinna Park - Stavanger (163 km)

Stage 5: Hinna Park - Stavanger (163 km)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

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The stage in brief

The grand finale in 2017 features the same proven course as in the two years before. The stage again leads through the beautiful landscapes of the Stavanger area and Jæren. The start takes place at Hinna Park, an industrial and commercial center right outside Stavanger. Tour de Fjords then leads South through Sandnes, Klepp, Bryne, Undheim and to the hills of Høg-Jæren with its wind mills. On the way back up North, the peloton passes through the sprint at Sola and to Ullandhaug hill and the infamous Sørmarksbakken. This classic climb is just two hundred meters long, but has a maximum grade of about 20%, averaging 17%. The riders have to tackle this climb three times on the local circuit through Stavanger, and like in the last years, the entire race could be decided on this final climb. Last year, about 2.500 spectators were cheering for the riders in Sørmarksbakken alone, creating a unique atmosphere. Finally, after 163 kilometers, the overall winner of Tour des Fjords 2017 will be crowned in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the finish line in the city center of Stavanger.

Categorized climbs: Åslandsbakken (Cat. 3), Sørmarksbakken (Cat. 2)

Expert's view

Alexander Kristoff from Stavanger, pro cyclist at Team Katusha and two times winner of Tour des Fjords:
"Like stage 4, also this stage has a very, very tough finish on the local circuit in Stavanger. Traditionally, a bigger group than the day before in Sandnes reaches the finish together. If you risk a late attack on the climb and have a good day, you can make it all the way to the finish. Tour des Fjords for sure is not decided before this final stage."

Highlights along the stage

The final stage of Tour des Fjords starts at Hinna Park right between the cities of Stavanger and Sandnes, which together with its 210.000 inhabitants form the third largest urban area in Norway. From the 1970s to the 1990s, Jåttåvågen, where today's Hinna Park is located, used to be an industrial area for the offshore industry. 17 concrete offshore structures where built here over the years, providing work to more than 3.000 people at times. Today, Hinna Park is a big commercial and business center and is as such still home to the modern offices of many companies in the petroleum industry, as well as Stadionparken shopping center and Viking Stadion of local football club Viking FK.

Before the finale in the old city center of Stavanger, the race passes Hafrsfjord and Ullandhaug hill three times. Hafrsfjord has an important place in the history of Norway. The sea battle of Hafrsfjord took place here in 872, where King Harald Hairfair was victorious and gathered Norway under one crown for the first time. This event is commemorated by the Sverd i fjell ("Swords in rock"), a large bronze monument of three swords in the ground that was erected in 1983 and has become one of the best known landmarks in Stavanger.

Ullandhaug with it's highly visible telecommunications broadcasting tower on top is at 202 meters the highest point in Stavanger. Stavanger University, established in 2004, with 10.000 students is located here, as well as a branch of the archeological museum of Stavanger. Ullandhaug hill was already populated in the time of the migration from the year 350 to 550, and today a reconstructed farm from that time, Jernaldergården, can be visited.

Where to watch

  • TV2 broadcasts the race live from 11:30 to 16:30
  • Start at Hinna Park at 12:00, first passage in Stavanger at about 15:00, finish at about 16:00
  • Estimated passages (42 km/h): Sandnes 12:15, Åslandsbakken 12:30, Kleppe 12:45, Bryne 12:51, Varhaug 13:33, Nærbø 13:46, Sola 14:44, Sørmarksbakken 14:54, Stavanger 15:07
  • For more information on the programme, check here