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Take the bus to Tour des Fjords on Gaularfjellet or Rørvikfjellet

Take the bus to Tour des Fjords on Gaularfjellet or Rørvikfjellet

When Tour des Fjords starts in Sogn and Fjordane county on May 24, a lot of people want to see the riders grind their way up Gaularfjellet and Rørvikfjellet. Together with Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane and local bus operators, a shuttle service will be set up so that more people can experience the two climbs live.

"It's important to us to contribute to the big bike festival that is Tour des Fjords", says Roy Stian Farsund, bank manager at Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane. "Together with the race organization we want to get the people out along the course to create a great atmosphere for the spectators, the riders and the viewers in front of the TV."

The busses will depart to Rørvikfjellet from Førde and Sande, and to Gaularfjellet from Førde, Sande, Høyanger, Balestrand, Dragsvik and Sogndal. In addition, there will be a shuttle service from Naustdal to the finish of the first stage in Førde.

"The stage from Balestrand to Førde via Gaular and Jølster shows some beautiful nature and is the perfect frame for a bike race. We want a large audience to take part in this experience and are very thankful for the initiative of Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane. It's now possible for the fans to experience the riders out on the road and at the same time see the finish in Førde", says Rolf Sanne-Gundersen, general manager of Sunnfjord Utvikling.

Because of Tour des Fjords, several roads in the area will be closed before and during the stage. This, paired with little parking capacity on Gaularfjellet and Rørvikfjellet, got the race organizers to set up the shuttle service to selected spots along the route.

Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane as important sponsor

Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane joins Tour des Fjords as sponsor in Stavanger and for the local events. "The focus of Tour des Fjords is to increase the focus on the bike as a means of transport, training and for great experiences. It promotes engagement, joy, excitement and a big celebration for everybody. Of course we want to be a part of that. We are also happy to see once again that we are ready to take responsiblity when it comes to big events. It is a proof for a lot of activity in the community with a strong willingness for volunteering and with strong local actors. Last but not least, it's a great way of presenting our county", says Roy Stian Farsund.

Strong commitment in Sogn and Fjordane

Roy Hegreberg, event director of Tour des Fjords, is happy about the engagement shown in Sogn and Fjordane. "It's great to see the commitment of local businesses, spectators and the municipalities that arrange the stages. It is very important for us and will help us to further develop Tour des Fjords."

The first stage of this year's Tour des Fjords starts in Balestrand and will take the riders over Gaularfjellet and Rørvikfjellet via Moskog, around Jølstravatnet og to the finish in Førde. Hegreberg. "The Stage from Balestrand to Førde is something of the most exciting Sogn and Fjordane and Western Norway have to offer in terms of nature. The landscape fits perfectly for a bike race and will create great experiences for the riders, TV viewers and the spectators along the roads."

The second stage will start in Brekke in the municipality of Gulen and take the peloton on to Norheimsund in Hordaland. Tour de Fjords concludes in Stavanger on May 28.

More information about Tour des Fjords in Sogn and Fjordane on www.tdfsognogfjordane.com.