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Tour des Fjords Classic: 450 celebrated cycling for everybody

Tour des Fjords Classic: 450 celebrated cycling for everybody

Also this year Tour des Fjords together with Nordsjørittet arranged the sportive race "Tour des Fjords Classic", a race for everybody. 450 startes over two different distances came to enjoy the perfect weather and celebrated a big cycling party.

The Tour des Fjords Classic race is an event for anyone who wishes to challenge themselves, cycling in beautiful surroundings. The race was arranged on Saturday, May 27, with start in Stavanger and the finish in Sandnes. The perfect weather brought 450 cyclists out on the road, competing over two different distances (51 km and 110 km). After the finish in Sandnes, drinks, food and a bike show awaited the riders. Sunshine and warm temperatures invited to stay on the waterline and wait for the finishing laps of the pro race.

We congratulate all participants and everybody who finished, especially the winners in the different classes:

  • 110 km ladies: Stine Borgli (Bryne Cykleklubb), Irene Kristin Eikemo (Forus og Gausel Idrettslag), Brigitte Ravndal (Grimstad SK)
  • 110 km men: Tor Arne Gilje (Sandnes Sykleklubb), Kristjan Osaland (Sandnes Sykleklubb), Emil Ims Svendsbø (Sandnes Sykleklubb)
  • 51 km ladies: Amy Mir (Vikeså)
  • 51 km man: Elliot Kim Jørpeland (Tasta & Omegn Sykkel Klubb)

Results long course (110 km)

Results short course (51 km)

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